takeaway list

What should I bring to the Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg tour?

The tour lasts 4 days, it is difficult to assess exactly what it should take, you must not exceed 10 pounds of luggage, we advise you not to forget the following:

  • Bath / towel,
  • swimwear,
  • hiking boots, or at least a shoe with decent profile because of the climb Voltzberg,
  • sunscreen,
  • hat,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • Long pants,
  • T-shirt with long sleeves for the evenings,
  • backpack,
  • flashlight,
  • hammock (possibly, depending on your choice of sleep).
  • photo / video camera, possibly waterproof bag for the camera.

In the evening there is power at the Fungu Island, it is generated by a generator, then you can charge your device in the kitchen.

[Singlepic id = 26 w = 690 float = center] NOTE: The boat sails on water, things can get wet although we do our utmost to prevent this we recommend that you do not keep the stuff that can get wet with you in the canoe.