The accommodation at raleighvallen is diverse, from hammock to luxury. Below an overview of the various accommodations that the Fungu Island has to offer at raleighvallen.


Standard accommodations are that we sleep in hammocks at this tour, you have to bring them yourself or we can provide them for you at 5 euro. Sleeping  in hammocks is doable, you need to hang your hammock the right way to increase your sleep comfort, you will be helped by our professional guides. The view from the hammocks-accommodation is fantastic! The building in which you sleep is entirely built of wood by Conservation International .

An impression of the hammocks camp with her special  views over the Soala.


Bunk beds camp Tamanua

You can also choose to sleep on bunk beds in the Tamanua camp, the bedding is relaxing. You sit near the toilets and showers. You are also equipped with a kalamboe. For an additional fee of 50 euros on the tour price, you can sleeps in a delicious cot on Tamanua.

Here you will enjoy the relaxing bunk beds that Tamanua you has to offer.


Gonini lodges
If you want more luxury, your own balcony, your own toilet and some more rest. Than choose for the Gonini River Lodges. This luxury lodges are based on 2 persons. You’ll sleep comfortly and you can retreat to your own accommodation, for example, reading a book quietly on your own balcony. The additional cost is 75 euros on the tour costs.

Luxury Lives! Your own toilet, bathroom and balcony! Enjoy maximum rest.

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