Tour description


Raleigh Falls 4 day tour
Every Friday, 7.30 from ‘t Vat

Meals, guide, snacks, fruit and boat trips,
entrance fees, nights etc.

€ 300, – for 4 days.
€ 275, – for students

The journey

Book your trip to beautiful Raleigh Falls and Voltzberg to see it yourself . You can quickly and easily do it through this site. All of our trips to the Raleigvallen and Voltzberg have 100% guaranteed departure. These trips are offered every Friday.

Day 1 – Witagron

In the morning we leave at 7:30 from ‘t Vat  with the bus towards Witagron, in the bus will get you a delicious breakfast served. The first stop will be at Zanderij, there you have the opportunity to do some last minute shopping at the supermarket. From here we depart towards the Native – Indian village Pikin Saaron, where there is an opportunity to walk across the wooden bridge and a possible bathroom brake. The journey continues then in the  direction of Witagron. It will around 12.30 pm  and we will eat our lunch here. Witagron is a Maroon village where the smallest Maroon Tribe: “The Kwinties” live. The village is fairly modern and used to tourists, at the shop Gitta ypu can buy a refreshing cold Djogo(beer). You can take pictures in the village. After a small walk in the village, the tour starts by canoe (wooden boat) on the Coppename River toward Fungu Island, the island where we will stay, the trip takes about 2.5 to 3 hours (depending on water level, the trip may take longer).

Fungu Island is managed by STINASU, Suriname Foundation for Nature Management. The friendly manager of the accommodation on Fungu Island will receive you with open arms and direct you towards the toilets and showers. You will get some time to recover from the journey, to install yourself, to explore the beautiful surroundings on your own , or you can just relax.

You can swim in the rapids or enjoy a delicious natural massage of the flowing water. Meanwhile, the cook will take prepare a delicious evening meal. The evening program is free, it is advised not to sleep too late because of the following day.

Pictures of the Fungu ISLAND STINASU

The standard accommodations are  hammocks, you need to bring these on your own. If you request we can bring them for you for an additional 20 SRD a hammock. At an additional charge, you can sleep in beds or request other accommodations , for a list of sleeping options, please visit the accommodation page.

Day 2 – Voltzberg

You will be woken at 8.00 so you can sit at the tablet by 8.30  for breakfast. During a heavy and extensive breakfast, you will have the opportunity to make a small packed lunch for the big hike of the day. You are provided with sufficient drinking water and snacks for the trip. A backpack is required for this to carry around. For it a journey of 14 km on the program with a steeply climb of 240 meters on the Voltzberg . The professional local guide of STINASU will guide you through the forest in the jungle. The forest is accessible only by canoe, which is only 5 minutes away. During the tour he will tell you about the different plants and animals you will encounter. You determine your own pace, climbing mountain will only happen in dry weather.

When it rains, you can’t climb the  mountain climb regarding to safety regulations. The view from the mountain is impressive. During the retreat you  can cool off at the end of the journey in the refreshing Anjoemaravallen. You will be  back at your accommodation at 17.00 on Fungu Island where the cook has cooked a delicious dinner. In the evening there is the possibility for those who still have energy to participate in a campfire on the Coppename River.

The Voltzberg is a big climb, you need to have an average condition for this .

Day 3. – Motherfalls

If you wake up early you can enjoy the monkeys (skull monkeys)  walking around playful on the island, breakfast is ready at 9:00 pm. Today there is a trip to the Mother Fall on the program. Again, the STINASU guide will skillfully  guide you through the woods . In order to get to this jungle, you will again have to take a short canoe trip of about 5 minutes. The dam traps are impressive, it’s a huge momentum (sula) in the Coppename River, but at high tide it submerges almost completely . Swimming at the motherfalls is not recommended because there are many eels are swimming around the motherfalls. Eels can burst  up to 500 volts at 1 amp of power distribution, you can survive a shock, however multiple shocks almost certainly result in death. Young eels can only distribute an electric shock of 100 volts . The trip is about 20 minutes fort  and 20 minutes back, when returning to the canoe we decide depending on the weather and enthusiasm if its possible to go for Piranhas fishing, go swimming  or return directly to the accommodation.

Around 13.00  there is another delicious meal for you. The afternoon is free and you have the possibility to explore the island, to go to the island point hike (30 minutes), to visit the small airfield  (airstrip), bird watching, angling (fishing), sleep in your hammock, feeding the monkeys on the island  or possibly swim in the Coppename River. In the evening, a local band called the Raleigh Boys Kwinti will entertained the guests, if there is enough enthusiasm for it. The Raleigboys ask a voluntary contribution for their actions. The tour operator also contributes to this.

Day 4. – Goodbye and Paramaribo.

At 9.00 is a extensive breakfast awaits you. After breakfast we leave around 11:00 in the direction of Witagron  by canoe, the trip is faster because the water flow in this time we have an advantage. We eat our lunch on Witagron, here again you have the possibility to shop in the village at the shop Gitta to buy a cold Parbo- beer to drink before we leave by bus to Paramaribo. Generally we are around 18.00 hours in Paramaribo.

Times may vary and the program can vary.

Some impression of the tour.

option for the adventurors: Abseiling from Raleigh Falls. This is a must-do, professional climbing equipment is used to safely climb the mountain. Interested parties must indicate in advance when booking.

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