Tourcosts and bookings!

You have carefully read the pages and would like to book a tour to Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg, it is possible.

You can book using the form below, one of our 25 locations in Paramaribo selling locations or you can call on 597 8858495.

We have several years of experience in conducting this tour because we work closely with the local population we should reward ourselves as the real Raleighvallen specialists.

The tour has a 100% guarantee departure  for 2 people and departs every Friday. Two days advance booking is required, a reservation is complete when payment if received.

The cost of the 4 day tour is 300 euros per person, students pay 275 euros. Soon there is the possibility to pay with I-deal on the website.

You can book  by filling out the following form, then we will contact you within 24 hours. A booking is only complete after payment, you wont be obligated to anything by filling in the following form.


Let op 100% vertrekgarantie op elke vrijdag! Andere data op aanvraag vanaf 4 personen.
de beschikbaarheid van Gonini en Tamanua is momenteel niet gegarandeerd. Na uw boeking zal u over de mogelijkheden geïnformeerd worden.
Raleighvallen is een Malarievrij-gebied, de GGD in Nederland adviseert het slikken van Malaria. Echter is er de afgelopen 20 jaar geen melding geweest van Malaria in dit gebied. Het slikken of niet slikken van Malariapillen is op eigen verantwoordelijkheid.